Mercedes-Benz V class

Mercedes-Benz V class

6 Passengers
Dark Grey Leather Seats
Six (6) Medium Bags & Six (6) Personal Bags
CD Player & USB input
Cellphone Chargers
Spring Water and Traditional Pastries
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Car reservation/Reserva de viatura

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Car reservation/Reserva de viatura

General overview of the Class V

With the Mercedes-Benz V class it is guaranteed that you will arrive more relaxed than when you left. The Mercedes-Benz V class possesses a number of features and comfortable equipment that reduce fatigue on all trips.

The suspension on this vehicle provides additional comfort to passengers. The independent air conditioning controls guarantee pleasant interior temperatures.

Thanks to an operational ergonomic concept that includes luxurious and independent seats, passengers could not be more relaxed. The sliding door to the passenger compartment is electrically operated, opening and closing with the touch of a button, and includes an obstruction sensor.

The Mercedes-Benz V class, a luxurious, spacious and comfortable vehicle, will take you to your destination without tiring you out during the trip.

  • Door to Door service
  • Qualified chauffeur
  • Airport transfers
  • Available 24 hours